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Leslyn designed The ELEVATE Class after more than 30 years of personal life challenges that included being widowed – twice; a challenging divorce; periods of unemployment; raising children as a single mother; and facing financial hardships. Not to mention the decade she has spent helping clients from all levels of society cope with daily stressors, depression, anxiety, and marital strife. 

People often ask how she did it – the question that bore life to this class. Leslyn has created The Elevate Class to represent the aggregated knowledge accumulated over those decades. Inspired by a collection of Psychological research, Positive Psychology, Self-help books, innate interest, and personal experience – this class pulls ideas together collections identified by topics that include: Identifying personal strengths; Creating Meaning in Life; Living in Gratitude, Becoming Mindful; and Creating Happiness.

The curriculum is designed to begin each topic with an insightful and instructional lecture from Leslyn. Additionally, each week participants will be inspired to reflect with tantalizing questions created to develop self-awareness; engage in activities that reflect the week’s topic; watch videos from some of the world most renowned leaders, practitioners, researchers, and philosophers; read articles and book chapters to motivate and inspire you; and intellectually interact with others moving in the same direction.

Participants will also have the benefit of engaging one-on-one with Leslyn in conversation each week. You may use your 30 min time allotment for guided reflection, friendly advice, or digging deeper into your thoughts; it’s an open floor forum.

There won’t be any tests and there is no final ‘grade’. The amount of self-discovery, motivation, and growth you develop will be in direct proportion to the effort you put forth. This is an opportunity for you to make time for yourself. Because the class is online, the challenges and reflections are completed according to your schedule. 

One-on-one time can be scheduled early in the morning, late evenings, or weekends as the schedule permits. Who knows, wearing PJ’s and drinking coffee may be when discussions are most productive.

The class is limited to 10 coaching students.