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Here's what The Elevate Class students are saying...

This course opened my mind in ways that I could have never expected! The self-awareness that I discovered within myself has opened so many doors for me to explore. I feel extremely fortunate to have been a part of this course and know it has set me on a new path. One that was much needed! -KM

Leslyn has constructed a course for people at different points in their life where they can come out of this 10 week period on the road to being their best selves. Never would I have thought that I would be the person I am today from the person I was when I started the Elevate course. I would take this class over and over and recommend it to anyone and everyone!  J.H. 

Leslyn has created a truly unique experience with the Elevate class.  Her clever use of social media, email, and texts make it easy to participate and follow along, and the course material is accessible and easy to use.  Not only that, but the material is so interesting and immersive that you will find yourself watching related videos, checking out new books, and devouring all the content you can.  The personal session help hone your newfound knowledge into usable everyday tools, and the experiences shared by others in the class lend a broader perspective.  I came to the class with high expectations of "fixing" my life in 10 weeks and becoming perfect, but thankfully the class has removed that expectation from my life; this class is about lifelong growth, not cheap quick-fixes.  I am looking forward to using the tools and life lessons I've gained in Elevate for the rest of my life! ~ B.P.  

I am in early sobriety and elevate course has introduced me to new ideas that expanded the understanding of myself and reinforced others that keep me on the road of recovery.  - A. F.

The Elevate Class gave me perspective and the tools I need to think clearly. Using these tools, I've felt more motivated and focused than I have in a long time. Leslyn is attentive and works to personalize the class so that each person can directly apply these tools to their lives. The support and interaction that's encouraged in the online class gives even more perspective and while learning to grow yourself, you feel as if you have a team of cheerleaders behind you. I would recommend this class to literally everyone and anyone. Everything you learn can be applied to your everyday life and it absolutely sets you up for living your best life. I am a busy young professional who barely has time to sleep - but Leslyn helped me to manage the class and worked closely on how to focus on the key takeaways. Plus, our weekly discussions helped to apply the class content to what I was dealing with at the time. I actually considered taking it again because I'm sure there is so much more I can get out of this class!!!!! ~ S.K.  

For the last year I have been seeing Leslyn through one of the most darkest & difficult of times of my life. I've always trusted that she will lead me on the right path and give me valuable guidance during this time. Now I can also say that during time of growth and discovery and not just sadness I can trust her even more to help me on a better path to happiness and self-love. Thank you Leslyn, for everything. ~ K.F. 

Leslyn brings her warmth and skills to the internet. Her knowledge, combined with guided readings and talks by other professionals on the various topics in the syllabus, offers insight for self-discovery and emotional growth. This is a highly recommended seminar. ~ anonymous