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Who teaches the class?

The class is currently taught by the creator of The ELEVATE Class, Leslyn Kantner, LPC. Leslyn has a Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling and a private counseling practice in Pennsylvania.

Read why she started The ELEVATE Class

Is this Therapy?

NOPE! It's personal coaching. This class is not intended to be therapy. While there certainly is an element of emotional coaching as part of each personal growth journey - it's not psychotherapy. It may work nicely in conjunction with therapy, particularly if you discover an area of discomfort that you'd like to investigate more deeply. If you need a psychotherapy referral check the options available in your area through

What's the format?

The class is hosted in a Google classroom and is capped at 10 students (not including AUDIT patrons). There is NO set day or time.  

Each day you'll receive an email with that day's work. It should take less than an hour. Instruction & review videos and discussion questions are posted in the classroom once a week so that you work on them at your own pace week by week. 

You'll be invited to a private Facebook group to interact with other Elevate alumni if you wish.  in the process of building a great community of people focused on developing emotional mastery. 

Is That It?

No! In addition to all that, each participant will get personal coaching with daily reminders, tidbits of inspiration, personalized journal responses, and 30 minutes of one-on-one time with Leslyn each week via Skype or Facetime. This coaching session will focus on the personal elements you are growing and the insights you achieved from the weeks work. Its the personal attention missing from other classrooms! 

What's the Time Commitment?

It's what you make it! You will get out of this class - what you put into it. We anticipate that you will benefit from as little as an hour a day for 10 weeks - not including thinking time! 

So, How Much?

There are TWO options:

The full experience: $500

Access to a private online classroom where you will have an opportunity to interact with Leslyn and other students. You will be introduced to classmates who may serve as like minded support as you encourage and interact with one another for varied perspectives. 

Each day you will receive an emailed assignment with about an hour or less of 'work'. In addition, you will receive a text message designed to inspire and motivate you that day. 

Each week, for the entire 10 week course and one follow up conversation, you will chat with Leslyn about your insight and studies; identifying areas for further exploration and / or clarification of ideas presented. These conversations are scheduled at a convenient time in your life. 

The full Elevate experience is only $50 per week - payable in a lump sum prior to the beginning of class for a total of $500.

You may also make three equal payments of $175 ($550 total). Payment one at registration; Payment two at week 3 and the final payment at week 7.

Audit Only: $99

Everything listed above EXCEPT personal interaction with Leslyn in the classroom, support text messages, supplemental video lectures or telephone consults.

You'll receive a link to the classroom and daily emails with homework assignments and weekly summary lectures from Leslyn.  An independent 30 min. conversation can be scheduled with Leslyn as her schedule permits for a $65 fee.

The Audit Only option is $99 and will be applied as credit toward The Elevate Class for 12 months in the event you'd like to take it again for the opportunity to be coached by Leslyn.

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